• Order your PCBs now to get A discount!

    Order your PCBs now to get A discount!

    We are happy to announce that Jaapson completed 2017 Sales plans one month in advance. 2017 is not an easy year for China's PCB industry due to 1)more strict environmental regulations and 2)huge increase of FR-4 material cost, the 2 factors lead to numerous smaller factories closed or bankrupted. We are thankful that we still survive and in good conditions.

    Of course, without our dear customers' help and support, none of our survival or growth is possible, and we appreciate very much.

    To thank our customers' support, we are launching a discount program for customers, and we made a special good offer for sample orders.

  • PCB Designer-Mike Joyner

    PCB Designer-Mike Joyner

    -Very often, our clients ask us to provide PCB design/layout service, or introduce them qualified PCB design professionals for their projects. Thus, we are making the list of PCB Designers Worldwide.
    -We will put this data on our website and many other public related websites, so that people in need might contact PCB designers directly.
    -The information will not be used for commercial purpose.
    -If you are also PCB designer and want us to include you to the list, please email to baggio@jaapson-pcb.com
    -If you have sent your details but not yet be listed on the paper, it is either because you did not provide enough details, or because it takes longer time, please feel free to ask.
    -To be continued...

  • 5 Things to consider when choosing an FPGA platform

    5 Things to consider when choosing an FPGA platform

    For firms deploying or looking to deploy FPGA-based applications, there are a variety of options available to them. Though many options appear similar as they offer the same component FPGA, usually an Intel (Altera) or Xilinx part, there are numerous key differences between platforms. These differences can have a significant impact upon such factors as the physical space required to host them, the power and cooling they require on an ongoing basis as well as the amount of internal resource required to actually deploy, manage and subsequently support them.

    The following list highlights some of the key differences between the available options for deploying FPGA platforms.
    1. Type of Platform — Self-contained versus a component part requiring additional server hardware and integration
    2. OPEX — Rack Unit (RU), power and cooling
    3. FPGA Capacity — per RU and/or per Watt
    4. Platform Management — How is the platform deployed, managed, monitored, debugged?
    5. Network Connectivity — Number of interfaces, media support/signal integrity, integrated port replication and fanout.

  • Isola 370HR

    Isola 370HR

    Jaapson has been working with Isola material over 5 years, and there are many advantages in Isola 370HR.

    370HR is a high performance 180C glass transition (Tg) system for multilayer Printed Wiring Board (PWB) applications where maximum thermal performance and reliability are required. 370HR laminate and prepreg products are manufactured with a unique high performance multifunctional epoxy resin, reinforced with electrical grade (E-glas) glass fabric. The system provides improved thermal performance and low expansion rates in comparison to traditional FR-4 while retaining FR-4 processability. In addition to this superior thermal performance, the mechanical, chemical and moisture resistance properties all equal or exceed the performance of traditional FR-4 materials. The 370HR system is also laser fluoescing and UV blocking for maximum compatibility with Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems, optical positioning systems and photoimagable solder mask imaging. 370HR has proven to be best in class for sequential lamination designs.

  • Keeping Up with EOL-Component Needs

    Keeping Up with EOL-Component Needs

    Dealing with obsolete, end-of-life (EOL) components is a challenge that many designers and engineers will have to face at some point. Perhaps you might decide to use end-of-life components in a design from the outset to keep costs low and avoid the expense of incorporating more easily sourced franchise components. Or, maybe the production of the desired component might stop unexpectedly, right in the middle of the end-product’s lifecycle.

    The pace of innovation means that many end-products are now facing ever-shortening lifecycles. At the same time, engineers are under increasing pressure to keep costs down, minimize the time it takes to “design-in” new components and, ultimately, get their products to market as quickly as possible. Using end-of-life components is becoming a much more attractive, and realistic, option.

    However, sourcing EOL components is not without risk. If proper processes aren’t followed it can drive up costs and introduce the risk of counterfeits. Companies can mitigate the risk by using a sourcing partner who knows how to work in this environment. Engineers need to carefully consider how best to source end-of-life components and from whom.

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